We understand your needs, translate it into code and deliver a tasteful software solution!

Understand your needs

PINI has worked with sales, marketing, production and management for 20 years, so we understand your needs and know from experience what is needed from several different perspectives.

We read “between the lines” to understand the real needs. As a customer, you don’t always know exactly what the end product should look like – what you do know is that you are in a situation that needs a solution! By spending time on the preparatory work, we will together arrive at a long-term solution.

Delivery on time and at a fixed price

We deliver our solutions on time and at a fixed price. With PINI, you can be sure that the final price will not explode as the project progresses. Instead, we agree on what needs to be done and then set a fixed price based on our calculations for how long your particular project is expected to take.

Dummy Driven Development

When you come to us with a problem, it is important for us to show that we understand your needs. Therefore, we always start by creating a “dummy”. A dummy is a test version of the product we will eventually build, but not connected to databases. This way, you can feel and test the product before signing an agreement.

We go all the way

We work full stack, which means we have competence in programming at all levels of abstraction from the lowest database management up to the design of the controls visible to the user. A “stack” is a selection of the programming languages and libraries one can use to cover these extremes. We at PINI have many tools in our stack, some of which are .net, node.js, angular, react and vue.js.

Some of our customers