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PINI active part in EU consortium on green energy transition

Cutting-edge energy storage technology will give old fossil power plants a new future as green batteries. The springboard for this change is a new joint European project on Bornholm, Denmark, which aims to demonstrate that long-term storage of wind and solar energy is possible on a large scale. The goal is to significantly lower the price of storage and thereby speed up the green transition.

PINI develops the energy management system controlling and monitoring the battery-based storage solution from PLS Energy Systems.

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The project’s international page:

The project is implemented with a grant from the European Union (Horizon-CL5-2022)

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Prosero and PINI sign agreement on development of CE marking system

Prosero, a group with 2 billion in turnover and 1,300 employees, signs an agreement with PINI for the development of a new system that will, among other things, handle CE marking of automatic doors. In the next step, the system will also be able to serve other business areas and needs in the group.

PINI will develop a web-based application, accessible on computer and phone, which, with the help of a scannable QR label, connects a door automation with information such as CE marking, fault reports and manual.

Both parties enter the agreement with a long-term plan for continuous development.

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Mobitron and PINI sign third agreement

Mobitron, top 5 in the world for tracking heavy and valuable deliveries, signs its third agreement with PINI for continued development of software for their next generation of freight trackers.