PLS Logo


PLS Energy Systems is an innovative energy company with a focus on large-scale solar cell and battery storage installations. They are active in several parts of the world.

On behalf of PLS, PINI has developed a system for the sale of solar panels that allows the customer to directly receive a quote, with calculations for what energy they can expect on their particular roof.

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Sharp Logo


Sharp is a more than 100-year-old company that, among other things, develops and sells professional copiers, monitors and cash register solutions.

PINI develops and supports an internal sales system that is used by Sharp throughout the Nordics.

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Mobitron Logo


With the CargoLog product, Mobitron is top 5 in the world for tracking heavy and valuable deliveries. With a tracking unit that continuously reads values such as temperature, acceleration and humidity, the recipient can be sure that the goods have not been damaged during shipping.

PINI is involved in developing the software behind Mobitron’s next generation of freight trackers.


Gnosjö Rör Logo


Gnosjö Rör has since 1935 sold and delivered all types of plumbing installations in the region around Gnosjö.

PINI operates and develops Gnosjö Rör’s system for electronic quotations.

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PINI develops the online service zvara, which makes it easy for entrepreneurs to send interactive offers and appointment bookings. Instead of sending emails back and forth, you can now send your quote with a video greeting and let the customer choose which quote option they want to sign.

This project is carried out with support from EU and leader.